Custom Formulating & Mixing of Adhesives, Coatings & Plastisols

Custom Formulating and Mixing of Adhesives, Coatings and Plastisols GS Plastics knows chemical processing and the systems for it. We can give you quick delivery along with the quality you want, saving you both time and money. Our 60+ years of experience will work for you when you are looking for specific requirements or help when you have processing, equipment or regulatory issues.

We custom formulate and compound plastisols, coatings and adhesives that are widely used in the automotive, appliance, furniture, medical, toy, plumbing, electrical, hand tool, military and packaging industries.

Plastisol dispersion compounds are made by mixing a PVC paste resin with liquid plasticizer and other additives that are formulated into soft, semi-rigid or rigid compounds. These compounds are often used to make gaskets, noise reduction panels and wall coverings, as well as shoes, toys and medical appliance parts.

Dip coatings are used for electrical wiring, fishing lines, tool handles, medical and automotive parts.

Solution coatings are used to coat swimming pools, tanks and fabrics.

Custom formulated adhesives are used for the backing on reflective tape, the coating on copper filament, packing applications, and in waterproofing. You will even find our adhesives used in dental applications.