Custom Compounding to Solve Your Problems

When the same old formulations won't work for your plastisol or vinyl application, you've got a problem. Fortunately GS Plastics has been solving problems like that for more than 60 years. With the demand of reformulation due to regulatory restrictions on key components GS Plastics is always at the forefront of new technology.

GS Plastics has earned its reputation for quality and innovation by formulating and compounding plastisols, primers and adhesives to meet requirements - for flexibility, heat and light stability, easy processing, and color. Your application will benefit from a wide experience base because GS Plastics' custom compounds are widely used in a variety of applications ... automotive, appliance, furniture, medical, toys, plumbing, military, electrical, hand tools, and packaging, to name a few.

In 1953, GS Plastics became one of the first companies to develop custom formulations of PVC and PVC copolymers to solve customer problems ... and we've been a prime supplier of liquid compounds of vinyls and other plastics ever since. That's because GS Plastics' customers get:

  • Quality
  • Personal customer service
  • Current Technology
  • Batching capacity for quantities as small as 5 gallons and as large as 1375 gallons (25 drums).

GS Plastics' people are problem solvers. We can recommend one of our existing formulations or custom formulate to meet your requirements.

Plastisol Dispersion Compounds

Plastisol dispersion compounds are made by mixing a PVC paste resin with liquid plasticizer and other additives, including stabilizers, pigments and fillers. Proper viscosity or flow characteristics are essential for good processing. Plastisols contain no solvents and do not emit VOC's. They can be formulated into soft, semi-rigid or rigid compounds.

Plastisols are processed by roller, knife and sheet coatings to make gasketing, noise abatement panels and wall coverings. Casting, rotational and slush moldings are used to mold hollow objects, such as boots for gearshifts and shoes, toys, and medical appliance parts. Dip coatings are used for electroplating racks, wire goods, electrical wiring, fishing lines, tool handles, automotive parts, and stamped metal parts.

Solution Coatings

PVC solution coatings - modified vinyl resins that contain solvents, plasticizers, stabilizers, and pigments - are used to coat swimming pools, tanks and even fabrics. The primers satisfy the toughest adhesion requirements. If your manufacturing environment or product needs corrosion resistance, you can choose from GS Plastics' variety of specially formulated, air-dry PVC coatings.

Our Capacities:

  • Plastisols - we can mix quantities from five gallons to 25 drums. GS Plastics has a variety of mixing abilities.
  • Adhesives and solvent coatings - from one to fifteen drum batch sizes.
  • Tolling - GS Plastics can accommodate your toll needs while giving you the same quality and delivery you require.
  • Mill spec applications.